Taekwondo Summercamp 2024

Ry - week 28 (July 6th-12th)



Updated March 20th

Welcome to Summercamp 2024

This will hopefully be one of the best taekwondo experiences you will ever have – Taekwondo Summercamp 2024!

We have worked diligently with the concepts behind this year’s summer camp to give you a unique sporting and social experience, under the overall theme of unity and diversity.
At the camp, we want to embrace as many of the many currents as are available in Danish and international taekwondo, thus giving you as varied a range as possible. And a little bit more – because it is also our ambition to offer you experiences that lie on the edge of and outside what you would normally find in the dojang. Socially and culturally.

We look forward to welcoming you, and sharing a fantastic, educational and safe week with a good atmosphere that you can only find it at folk high schools and festivals.

An active week for everyone

Taekwondo Summercamp 2024 is the official camp of the Danish Taekwondo Federation. The official summercamp is organized by Aarhus Syd-, Risskov-, Skovby-Galten and Århus Taekwondo Club.

Everyone who wants to participate in a positive sporting and social community is welcome to participate in the camp, no matter where you come from and regardless of level and physical form. And we mean it when we say that taekwondo is for life, and we have therefore organized the program so that there is something for children, young people, adults as well as seniors, and the whole camp is arranged in a way that it can be a safe and family-friendly setting for an activity filled week in enchanting surroundings.

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